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Focusing on what
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Kultursistema helps you discover the best way through overgrown, untrodden paths to make a success of an idea. To outline an effective, strategic design for any creative project.

Marta, Aritz y Miguel. Thusia, creadores de ficción

Finding opportunities and new partners

Kultursistema is the perfect tool for learning more about the contexts in which you work; and that goes for both your own context, in which you often only see the point of the iceberg, and for forming an initial idea about others that you need to deal with. It gives you an overview and helps you forge links with other actors in areas similar or complementary to your own.

Javi, Idoia, Ritxi y Txelu. ColaBoraBora, Procomún, collaborative practices and social entrepreneurship.

Getting an accurate picture of the cultural and creative ecosystem in your territory

Kultursistema is a fundamental tool for identifying the creative ecosystem associated with a particular community. It is an innovative model that broadens horizons of intervention and improves the circumstances of more people and organisations, who can commit to and become involved directly and indirectly in cultural and creative projects, adding their own capabilities to and at the same time benefiting from them.

Andrés Gribnicow. Cultural Management & Public Policy Consultant for the promotion of creative industries.

Getting an accurate picture of the cultural and creative ecosystem in your territory

It is hard to move forward as cultural and creative organisations if you are not aware of your own nature or of how many of you there are. Kultursistema reveals what things look like here and now; it makes you stop and think about how you are organised, about your services, your capabilities and your weaknesses. And by doing so it enables you to move forward in your specialist area and sector.

Rosa Abal. Gerente de Karraskan, Red de Experiencias Creativas del País Vasco.

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