Innovation from hybridisation

Inter-sectoral intersections to generate new roads. Enter the platform of the cultural and creative sectors and industries to enhance your differential value and transform your reality.

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There are many ways to approach the cultural and creative sectors, but they all have something in common: their value in building a rich, diverse and balanced ecosystem.

In Kultursistema we want to help you improve, show the situation of your sector and connect you with the community to transform your reality.

We promote the empowerment
of your sector

Kultursistema is your tool for:

Make visible

your project and the reality you face every day. By adding your experience to the platform we can show the diversity of the ecosystem and analyse in depth the real situation of each sector


what makes you different and essential for building the ecosystem. We help you to focus, gain strength and boost your growth. We support the creation of new collaborative initiatives.


your strategy and generate new lines of work. We guide your reflection to explore your potential and make decisions that will lead you to be more relevant to your target audience and drivers.

Connect with the community
Discover other projects
Dare to collaborate

Featured profiles

Conexiones improbables

#Hibridación y transdisciplinariedad #Artes, cultura y creatividad #Creative economy

Conexiones improbables trabaja por una Economía Creativa ayudando, por un lado, a innovar a organizaciones de los Sectores Culturales y Creativos, promoviendo ciudades y territorios creativos y, por otro…


#Investigación y formación

Interarts es una agencia privada con proyección internacional y vocación publica que contribuye al desarrollo humano a través de la cultura, apoya la elaboración de políticas culturales, promueve el conocimiento y la información en el ámbito de la cultura…

Fundación Confiar


Procesos de formación en economía y pensamiento solidario y cooperativo. Cultura y arte para la transformación Protección ambiental y sustentabilidad.

The transversal sector complements and mixes with other sectors.

Today many cultural and creative expressions are inspired by, linked or intermingled with others, enriching and diversifying the ecosystem. How do you complement yourself? What roads would you like to explore?

Let us make this reality visible and make possible new relationships in which the transversal plays a differential role.


Strategic thinking, advice…


Exchange programmes, agenda…


Multidisciplinary projects, facilitation…


Studios, agencies, festivals…


Athenaeums, cultural centres...


Public administration, foundations…

What role do you play in the transversal sector?

Because diversity is not only about specialization. The Cultural and Creative Ecosystem integrates agents with different fields of action, both from the public, private and social spheres.

Do you work directly in architecture or design? Do you give support through spaces or equipment? Are you looking to promote their growth or improve their conditions?

Count on Kultursistema to achieve your goals and strengthen the value chain of the sector.