We believe in a cultural
and creative sector
that includes you

Because if something has no name it does not exist:
Welcome to Kultursistema, a tool that provides you
with a rich, diverse, up-to-date way of approaching
this complex ecosystem

Can I be seen in the creative ecosystem?
What value do I bring to it and where?
Do I have a clear picture of the sector and of the other cultural and creative actors in my territory?
Who else is out there?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions,
you’ve come to the right place.

Here you can focus on what really matters, get to know your sector better and set up partnerships with those around you

Learning more about your operating environment and what value you can bring to the ecosystem will greatly enhance the potential of your project.


What can you do with Kultursistema?

View and interpret data

The system provides an overview of all
the cultural and creative actors in a territory,
including individual actors and new practices
through geo-located maps and graphs
based on the cross-references and
interpretation of data.

Diagnose and define actions

Organisations and specialists in the sector
can draw up self-diagnoses and customised
reports to define priority areas for action.

Design the right policies

The system helps to orient cultural policies
and those linked to the development of
creativity in a specific territory, enabling you
to get to know the setting in which you
operate better and decide what approach
sectoral organisations or public actions
should take.


Kultursistema provides one of the most comprehensive categorisation systems in the world, to reflect the changing reality of the ecosystem


How does Kultursistema work?

Sign up free of charge and access the digital and analogue resources of Kultursistema

Along with your public and private profiles, the following resources are at your disposal:

Downloadable digital handbook

With this handbook you can look into the new ranking, categorisation and presentation of the different parts of the ecosystem in more depth before the self-mapping process.

Printable guide

If you work better with hard copies, you can use this printable guide which takes you step-by-step through the process of subsequently updating your profile online.


Example of a matrix cross referenced for different sectors and the value chain of a creative cultural ecosystem

Updatable form with presentation of data

Complete the form once and have it always up-to-date
Kultursistema is based on reflections and self-mapping by each actor in the ecosystem through the online form, which is always updatable.

A richer picture of the ecosystem through joint efforts
The bigger the critical mass and the greater the diversity of people involved, the more representative the system will be and the more value the aggregate data reports will provide.

Cross-referencing to bring new possibilities to light
This mapping gives rise to different potential interpretations and comparisons on individual and collective levels, which are reflected in public and private profiles with graphic data matrices.

A working method at the service of the sector

The system combines digital and analogue tools and workshops to highlight implicit points, identify and bring to light peripheral actors who often lie outside institutional circuits.

It identifies needs not covered, opportunity niches and areas where there is a shortfall or an excess in the provision of culture and creative services. It helps you to learn more about the social and financial aspects of actors in a particular context.

Kultursistema helps in orienting promotional policies based on actual knowledge of the cultural and creative ecosystem, and in monitoring them over time.

Who made Kultursistema possible?


Kultursistema is owned and managed by this international benchmark organisation in the creative economy.

After more than 30 years managing and mentoring actors and helping to promote the sector, we are well aware of the challenge posed by making a success of cultural and creative projects in such a complex ecosystem.

That is why we launched Kultursistema

The conceptual framework of the system was developed by Roberto Gómez de la Iglesia of Conexiones Improbables and Ricardo Antón of Colaborabora in 2016-2019, in the framework of Karraskan, Red de Experiencias Creativas del País Vasco [“Basque Creative Experience Network”] professional association. The tool was first tested under the guidance of Iranzu Guijarro Plaza, with the cooperation of partner organisations.

Based on that framework, Conexiones Improbables drew up the method for the application of Kultursistema, over which it holds full ownership.

Several public bodies have supported the various stages in the creation of Kultursistema: The Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Basque Government, the provincial councils of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa and Getxo Municipal Council.

Kultursistema now has:

Its own management team at Conexiones Improbables with broad experience in strategic consultancy, open innovation, exploratory processes, design and co-creation.

Ongoing technical support from Omatech, which took part in the digital development of the matrix and handles the maintenance of the tool.

A visual and graphic identity developed by Nerea Márquez of Ojobuey.
And, of course, you! Register now and join Kultursistema as a creative, structural or promotional actor.